Selecting the files
After you start Fast File Renamer you will see the main screen:

The list of files is still empty, but you can add files to it using the 'Add files' button (on the lower left-hand part of the main screen, see the screenshot directly above). When you click on the 'Add files' button the following file-open dialog will appear:

This is a standard Windows file selection dialog, on your edition of Windows it might look slightly different. Browse to the directory containing the files you wish to rename.
In the example screen below the directory of choice is 'Dancing Galaxy' and the files are mp3 files from the music album 'Dancing Galaxy'.

To select all files:
(1) click on one file, then type 'ctrl A' on your keyboard
(2) click on the top file, then while holding down the shift key click on the bottom file.
If you do not want to select all files, but still more than one file, hold the ctrl key while clicking on the files.
When you have finished selecting the files, click on the 'Open' button.

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