Fast File Renamer can run directly from a USB stick or any external medium including settings. Just copy the files FastFileRenamer.exe and the manual into a directory of your choice on the USB stick or external drive. Then start the program on this or other computers by double clicking on the executable. That basically is all.
If you also want to store the settings on the USB stick, then start the program from USB stick, and change the settings so that it stores the settings inside the program directory. In more detail, click:
Menu: View⁄Options
to open the settings screen.
Then inside the settings screen open the tab 'Settings⁄Portability' and enable the option
'Store settings in the same directory as the Fast File Renamer program'.
Finally, click 'OK'.
If you don't enable this option, then the program will still be able to run from USB disk on other computers, except that the settings will be stored in an .ini file inside a global appliation data directory defined by Windows.
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