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Fast File Renamer (freeware)
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ffr_manual_exe (location 1)
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Size 2.1 Mb
Version October 03, 2009.
For Fast File Renamer version 2.0
Usage To install the manual, just copy the file ffr_manual.exe into the program's directory, after which it can be opened by clicking Menu: Help/Manual.
The manual runs by itself, it has its own built-in viewer.
This self-running manual has been created using TreePad and exe-eBook Creator.


Online manual for:
Fast File Renamer (freeware)
View Click here to view the online manual directly inside your Web browser
Version October 03, 2009.
For Fast File Renamer version 2.0
Usage The manual opens directly inside your Webbrowser. You do not need to download or install anything.
You can also access it from inside Fast File Renamer through Menu: Help/Online manual.

This online manual has been created and generated using TreePad.

See also: Website Authoring with TreePad.

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